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Sunday, 29 October 2006

Boat cruise at night on the Han River

On Saturday we celebrated the birthday of our friend Jessica from work. You might remember her previously from her celebrity status on my blog here and here (she's known as "HC"--hardcore). We started off the evening on a night cruise along the Han River--it was spectacular.

The cruise started off at Yeouido Park. We were starving once we got there and what does Gdog & Company see?--a KFC located right at the terminal--great (both good and bad)! After some heavy deliberating on what to do (10 milliseconds) we decided to just "give-er" and bow down to the mighty Colonel.

With our hot, delicious and greasy chicken in hand we boarded the ferry minutes before its 6:30pm departure. Once the cruise got started the views of central Seoul were amazing. The ferry went down the river and did a loop. The cruise lasted about an hour and cost us 9900w (10US) each. It was well worth it and I would recommend going at night.

Here is the amazing view of Seoul at night from Yeouido Park (notice Seoul Tower in the background):

The location of the terminal, along with KFC (what a great combo--eating chicken on the river):

We almost missed our cruise...and to answer your question--yes, my chicken was finger lickn' good:

Here's one of the many bridges across the Han River:

Here's a video of us crossing under a bridge...listen for the subway above us:

The LG Twin Towers...click here to see how they look like in the day:

Formerly the tallest building in Korea (the tallest is one of the Hyperion Towers located minutes from us in Mokdong), the 63 Building...if you want to know how to get in for free, click here:

Get off the couch and onto a cruise...to get there, take Line 5 (purple line) to Yeouinaru Station and take either Exit 2 or 3. Walk down to the park, turn right and walk along the water until you see the terminal. You better go quick because parts of the Han will freeze once winter comes.


Anonymous said...

hi... I really like your blog. i read it very carefully because i could get lot of information about seoul. I love Korea very much, i have a dream to visit there someday...

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