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Monday, 16 October 2006

The Canadian Embassy in Seoul: Emergency evacuation plan

Dr. Nick Riviera voice> Hi everybody!

For those that are worried about North Korea and all the "what if..." possibilities out there, I thought I'd post about the services of the Canadian Embassy in Seoul. What can they do for Canadians? Here it is, straight from their website:

What we can do for you:

  • We can contact, at your request, your relatives or friends and ask them to send you emergency funds.
  • We can help you during emergencies such as natural disasters or civil and military uprisings.
  • We can direct you to sources of information about local laws, regulations, cultural customs and how to obtain visas.
  • We can assist with medical emergencies.
  • We can replace passports.
  • If you are arrested, we can try to ensure equitable treatment under local laws. At your request, we can inform relatives and friends about your arrest and try to ensure that legal rights and processes are extended to you consistent with the standards of the host country.
  • If you wish, we can notify your next of kin regarding accidents or deaths and let them know whether, and how, they can help.
Now, I don't plan on getting arrested or doing any extreme sports/activities (does going to the DMZ count?) but anyways, the Canadian Embassy is here if we do need them, so rest assured--we've already been contacted by them to verify our details.

The Canadian Embassy also has an Emergency Evacuation Plan. According to the document, "This plan has a single objective: to help you depart from an area of possible danger, i.e. from within the Korean peninsula to points outside, or from a specific area within Korea to another point within Korea."

I don't think there will be any danger anytime soon but the plan states that we can also visit the US Embassy as there is a treaty agreement. Now all I have to do is duct tape my passport to my body at all times.

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"Don't worry everybody, I will save South Korea for only $129.95!" - Dr. Nick Riviera


maryeats said...

After hearing emergency sirens and jets flying over our house yesterday, we also decided to check out what the US Embassy plan was. Basically, reading through the lines, we are to trek over the river and get in line with the thousands of other Americans, and wait, and wait, and wait. Can we come to the Canadian embassy with you?

Gdog said...

Sounds like a plan! Part of our plan includes going to the US Embassy if needed. Maybe it can go both ways too.

Anonymous said...

Wow so glad to hear you will be safe. My hands do not allow me to type much but I have been chencking and today I just HAD to see that you will be o.k.
Love to both

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