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Monday, 2 October 2006

Eating breakfast sandwiches out of a truck...Toast Sukbong

If you're coming over to teach English in Korea, you will see many food trucks that setup shop on the side of the road. They are everywhere. So starvation will not be a problem for anyone in Korea!

On our way to the Korean War Memorial we decided to explore more of our neighborhood. We started walking and within ten minutes we stumbled upon this truck...selling breakfast sandwiches by the name of Toast Sukbong. Now, there was a couple already eating some and they looked delicious. Obviously being the food lover I am I got suckered in and we ordered two ham and egg sandwiches!

Toast Sukbong is a chain...I guess we can call this one of their "franchises"...

It started out with the dude putting some bread on the grill, making the eggs and melting some cheese on the bread. It was mesmerizing that he worked all day sitting on a woooden crate, slouching over in this tiny truck:

Next up, we have your miscellaneous luncheon meat (I survived), along with some veggies to add to our sandwich:

After finishing off the sandwich with hot sauce and some mystery yellow sauce, it was time to eat!

4000w (4usd) for two sandwiches was a good deal. Plus, these sandwiches were pretty tasty...I was Sukbong'd for the day.

Need more? Here's a video of my hero in action:


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say, this is the best Korean blog that I've found in a while... good mix of food/culture etc. I'm in Vancouver and headed over in a few weeks for a short visit. This blog has gotten me really excited.

Gary said...

Hey Mark,

Thanks for the kinds words! :)
I am from the "capital city" across the water...have fun in Seoul.

Anonymous said...

hahaha. As i said before, I love your blogs! I am so so so glad to have found this website! Its helping me understand korea---im a korean but i have lived overseas all of my life. Your photos and summaries of your everyday life there is so interesting!
I do understand that i cannot soley learn about korean life from you--yours is merely an interesting viewpoint.

Anonymous said...

yea this blog has gotten me excited too! im a korean New Zealander

Gary said...

korean*soul: thanks for the comments, I hope you enjoy my archives!

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