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Tuesday, 10 October 2006


Okay, excuse the headline but I should've posted this sooner: Carrefour has officially exited the Korean market! The word is that Koreans aren't big fans of western products and the selection at Carrefour (Wal-Mart is on its way out too), hence they have now officially sold their stores to another Korean company.

RIP Carrefour Korea (or "carr-poo" in Korean; it's a crappy deal that it's gone, pun intended):

We knew that the closing would come sometime soon. After work we headed over to do some shopping only to be DENIED! Lights off, doors locked, the whole nine yards. Outside the store there were people drinking and eating on the sidewalk. I imagine they were protesting about the store's closing.

It's a ghost town inside...

These guys were still on the clock...the last few:

They were moving stuff out from the store:

Here they are, people drinking on the street; Korean beer is CHEAP!

Thanks for the good times Carrefour...the memories will forever be...in...my...heart *tear*
Isn't this sad? Boooo hoooo! I've already been crying myself to sleep for the past two nights...are you sad too?



Stephanie said...

I'm about 3 years too late but I already miss Carrefour and I'm not even in Korea yet!

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