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Monday, 16 October 2006

Gangbyeon...checking out Techno Mart

Last weekend when we went to Gangnam, we also ventured out to Gangbyeon (eastern Seoul), the site of Techno Mart--a huge electronics market similar to Yongsan. This 10 story building also is a shopping mall with a movie theater, food court and other shops.

Techno Mart reminded me of Yongsan--level after level of venders selling digital cameras, computers and accessories, appliances, etc. However, in my search for a Canon EOS Digital Rebel 400D/XTi/Kiss Digital X, I noticed that many digital camera vendors did not have the model in stock and prices were similar to Yongsan. Other floors left me a bit disappointed as well, especially the computer floors. There was a lot of empty retail space as some parts felt like a ghost town!

Techno Mart is worth checking out if you're serious into your electronics and want to compare prices versus Yongsan. It's located right outside Gangbyeon Station, Line 2, Exit 2.

When I heard th ename Techno Mart...I just wanted to DANCE!

The outside of Techno Mart...this building was huge...you can't miss it:


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