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Friday, 6 October 2006

Getting my haircut at ParkJun's BeautyLab

I got my haircut for the second time at ParkJun's BeautyLab a few days ago. ParkJun is a huge franchise in Korea. There is one located near Mokdong station across the street from McDonald's.

The best part about getting my haircut at ParkJun is having my hair shampoo'd, conditioned and scalp massaged twice--before and after my haircut. The price for a cut and wash is 15,000w (15US roughly). My haircut this time turned much better than the first. Not bad considering they don't speak English at ParkJun!

Upon entering ParkJun, you will be served a cold iced tea beverage:

Don't forget Korean newspapers for your reading pleasure (I'm working on my Hangul...):

See those three chairs? That's where I get my hair washed by a designated hair washer...cool, huh?

This was the lady that eventually ended up cutting my hair. She did a fantastic job. However, I will not be posting pictures of my hair. If there is enough demand, it might happen though.


g^2 said...

I vote for new 'do pics! :)

Unknown said...

I, too, am Teaching English in Seoul. I came across your blog while looking for a Burger King location. I am in Singeumho, near 538 exit on the Subway.
Your blog is very informative for me.
Thank You

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