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Monday, 30 October 2006

Happy Halloween--safety tip of the day!

Happy Halloween everybody! It's October 31st in our part of the world right now. Here's your Halloween tip of the day: when walking on the sidewalks in Seoul, be alert--because you never know when a delivery guy on a moped might run you down, a Korean student late for ______ (fill in the blank) academy on a bike, or have a car hop onto the sidewalk. My previous encounters with street carnage if you remember are here and here.

Judging from this picture, who knows what happened but it doesn't look pretty! We saw this on our way home from our late night barbeque. These railings prevent pedestrians from jaywalking I would presume. Any other opinions out there?

Happy Halloween from our friends at Google:
Halloween 2006


Anonymous said...

I think it's as much for stopping cars from hitting pedestrians as it is to stop jaywalking.

Also, you'll see those little stone blocks at crosswalks to help stop cars from mowing down people.

Gary said...

Yes, I am very familiar with those stone blocks at crosswalks--as I've managed to walk into them many times in busy areas--my poor shins!

Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween!

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