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Saturday, 14 October 2006

Homever: the official Carrefour replacement

You read my previous post about Carrefour's exit from Korea and subsequent move away from my heart. Carrefour was only 100 meters (0.16 miles) away from my doorstep--yes, that's right, 100 meters! All Carrefour stores will be remodeled to Homever (they even took the Carrefour Korea domain name), which is owned by the Korean clothing company E.Land Corp.

So maybe the fire that was passionately burning in my heart towards Carrefour will rekindle and change to Homever. When will we find out? Only time will tell. The store is already under construction and they are working fast. I think the store will expect to open in mid-November.

A South Korean hovercraft...hired to take down the Carrefour signage:

The windows are covered with Homever posters...can you translate this?

Carrefour (oh how I miss thee) in its original glory...

Can you spot what's missing?


Anonymous said...

The "Homever" poster roughly translates to:

Korean Carrefour is born again with a name you can call for a lifetime - Homever.


I used to live in Sinchon, your posts make me reminiscent. *sigh ~

Anonymous said...

I'm currently an English assistant in France and Carrefour is my most favorite place ever. Seriously. I'm actually going to go tomorrow to do some grocery shopping. "Carrefour, doo doo do do dooo!" (That's a really shitty version of the jingle, but tant pis.)

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