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Tuesday, 24 October 2006

Homever signage is now up...

Carrefour in Korea is now a thing of the past. As I posted earlier, Homever is the name of the new store. The signage is now up for Homever and the grand opening is on November 9, 2006. Most of the old Carrefour employees now work for Homever.

Here's the massive sign at the top of the building. You're looking at the parkade--the shopping area is underground:

Homever had a tent out front looking for people to sign up for a points card. With each sign up, you get a free grocery tote bag, sporting the Homever logo. What kind of sucker would sign up for this anyway?

I'll let you draw your own conclusions...(that's our doorbell/security camera)


Jon Allen said...

I went to the Homever shop underneath the World Cup Stadium last week.

I saw an amusing large poster in English and Korean about the proper way to treat imported cheese. I whipped out my camera, as it seemed like good blog material , but a suited young man came over very quickly indeed and indicated in no uncertain terms he would prefer me NOT to photograph anything!

Shame. I got quite embarrassed and left the shop quickly!

Gdog said...

I had the same experience when I tried taking pictures of food in Carrefour. An employee came up to me and told me to stop. I obliged...you gotta be discreet at some places--snap and put your camera away!

Nora and Nico said...

And I hasd the same in Montreal, snapping an over-dimensioned can of beer!
Cheers from Madrid!

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