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Thursday, 26 October 2006

Kimchi cutters...yes, I said kimchi cutters!

Just when you thought you've seen everything, something interesting always pops up. On one of our traditional biweekly trips to Costco, I noticed a rectangular shaped container with a blade inside. I thought to myself, "wow, that's one cool container for rectangular sandwiches"--but, truth be told, when I read closer it was indeed a KIMCHI CUTTER!

This handy dandy contraption cuts your spicy and delicious kimchi into perfect bite sized portions--but wait, it also acts as storage too! Right now I can just imagine my boyhood idol, inventor of the almighty Ronco Food Dehydrator and the Showtime Rotisserie Oven, Ron Popeil trying to sell this on a TV infomercial...it probably would go something like this:

"If you call now, you can get a second kimchi cutter absolutely free! BUT WAIT...it gets better. We're feeling generous today and if you can convince one friend to buy a kimchi cutter too, we'll throw in another one for FREE. That's right--two kimchi cutters for the price of one. Don't wait and call now--this order is only available for the next hour---BUT BUT...if you call within the hour, we'll throw in ANOTHER kimchi cutter absolutely free! That's our way of saying thanks for telling a friend. So you buy one, get two free!

Listen closely my friends--you won't have to pay $299 for this small wonder--you won't pay $199--not even $99. This amazing kimchi cutter will only cost you four easy payments of $29.95. That's right, four easy payments, of $29.95. But we're not finished. If you decide to order now, we'll throw in a free gift--these are some of the sharpest knives you'll ever use--that will never ever need sharpening. I'll throw in a set of these wonderful steak knives absolutely free. Now, every product we have is guaranteed and if you're not happy with our product return it for a full refund--no questions asked--and keep the free gift as our present to you for trying out our product. Don't wait, call now! Just remember, with this kimchi cutter all you have to do is CUT IT AND FORGET IT!!! (I can't believe I just typed this--we all know we've seen his informercials at 3am on Saturday nights many, many times)"

This screams "buy me, your kimchi will thank you!":

"Look ma, it comes with a lid!"

The question remains...what ever happened to just using a good ol' knife?


eiLeen said...

hi...i stumbled across your blog randomly and saw that you visited outback. just to let you know, you can request a baked gogoomah instead of the baked potato and it's freakin delicious!!!! hahaha ok, BYE.

Jon Allen said...

A knife?
You mean sissors surely.
I always find it slightly surreal when they come round
and cut up the meat off the grill with a pair of sissors.
It just doesn't seem right some how.

Anonymous said...

Haha, this is just as funny as the fridges that are just for kimchi.

Anonymous said...

i guess the kimichi cutter prevent u having to clean up the mess in the kitchen? so did u get 1?

g^2 said...

Hey, don't laugh at the scissors and the kimchi fridge. ;-)

My mother and all the ajumas in her neck of the woods Stateside swear by the kimchi fridge, and use scissors to cut every type of food that requires/can be cut. LOL!

Gary said...

estxlan: nope...I did not buy it as I have not learned yet how to make kimchi. I guess the kimchi cutter is just for convenience. I love kimchi now and it does get addicting...so watch out!

As for the scissors, they are used everywhere just like what g^2 mentioned...very handy!

Anonymous said...

they also have these in america too.

shawn said...

Oh man, am ever adding this to my xmas list this year!

Your blog is really great and a plethora of information. Enjoy the rest of your weekend :P

Anonymous said...

Dude, do not dis! I am totally getting one of those. Kev had to pull me away from the display at Costco last week!

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