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Thursday, 12 October 2006

Korean food bloggers unite--history in the making!

This should've been posted sooner, but during Chuseok, The Daily Kimchi was formally invited to a soiree hosted by none other than the zen master himself, ZenKimchi. After enduring the subway ride to Anyang, Devante, Shauna and myself made it to ZenKimchi's doorstep.

After entering, meeting and presenting a bag of Soju to ZenKimchi, he announced to the rest of the partygoers that "it's The Daily Kimchi! (it was pretty weird being referred to as a website, but still interesting nonetheless, haha)" Turned out that Mary and Kevin from the online Korean food authority, mary eats, were in attendance along with Cat (from SeoulLife.net) and her husband David, and ZenKimchi's friend, Colin (a fellow Canuck from Vancouver).

ZenKimchi was gracious enough to provide us with some exquisite offerings from his foreigner Chuseok menu. Such dishes as homemade Caesar Salad (with crutons I might add), fluffy mashed potatoes and roast duck, ZenKimchi style.

Anyways, this gathering was quite the experience as we discussed the state of Korean food and how we were going to take over the world, muahahaha (alright, I'm joking once again, we didn't discuss the food part)!

We departed prematurely as the trek back to Mokdong was going to take us a little while. It was a fun experience to meet everyone and it was nice to see another part of Korea at the same time--we killed two birds with one stone. Thanks again to ZenKimchi for inviting us, although I recently discovered that we missed out on Mary's world famous persimmon tart--curses! Till next time...

The star studded cast: Shauna, Mary, Gdoggy dog, Devante, ZenKimchi, Cat, David and part of Colin's head (Picture taken by Kevin).

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