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Thursday, 5 October 2006

Margarita Mexican in Hongdae

We went to Hongdae to experience some Mexican from Margarita Restaurant. Hongdae (Hongkik University Area) is a bustling night spot that is full of university aged Korean students and foreigners alike. There are lots of bars and restaurants here...Hongdae is worth checking out!

I got directions from this review of Margarita. I agree that the restaurant was a little understaffed. There were two employees there--both of them were cooking and serving at the same time. We ended up getting our own water and other things too...so maybe try out Margarita for yourself, as you might end up having a different experience than Gdog...

Here's Margarita Mexican Bar & Grill...maybe I'll have a margarita at Margarita:

Devante ordered the Chicken Fajita...however, beef came instead...

Gdog got the Beef Burrito...I did find the portions a little small but that's just me. I think I'll stick to Taco Amigo in Itaewon for my Mexican fix (unless I encounter another place--which you know I will):


Anonymous said...

Try Choi's Tacos in Sinchon...awesome!

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