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Friday, 27 October 2006

McDonalds...the incredible 2pm till closing deal!

The McDonalds near our work in Mokdong has an incredible deal right now. Everyday from 2pm till closing, you can get one of the following combos for 1000w (1usd):
  • Small drink + hamburger
  • Small drink + 3 piece McNuggets
  • Small drink + medium fries
  • Small drink + sundae
Let's get this straight: eating McDonalds will kill you. It will wreak havoc on your arteries--yet at the same time it's delicious! Muahhaha! Anyways, this is what we ordered one day for a "snack" and it only cost us 5000w. What a deal!

The funny part was watching the employee pour five drinks...the next time I'm going to get a sundae and throw away the drink. A regular sundae costs 1200w, whereas this deal will save you 200w (20 cents usd! haha)!


mark said...

Just had my first taste of Two Fried Chicken last night... yum, the sauces are addictive.

Gdog said...

Tell me about it...I love the stuff...maybe I might a trip to Two Two this week. ;)

Anonymous said...

Have you read Fast Food Nation? After you read that book, you will never ever want to eat any type of fast food ever again.

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