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Friday, 6 October 2006

A new addition to our family...Woongjin Blackhole

Cleaning and dusting is extremely time consuming around here. We live next to a busy highway so it's very dusty at times when we have the A/C unit on. I brought a Swiffer duster with me from home but it can only do so much. We also purchased a sweeper thingy from Costco...but for random hairs, crumbs, and other miscellaneous items lingering on our hardwood floor, nothing beats a dustbuster!

We found this sucker (no pun intended) at Carrefour for 29,000w on sale. It's worth its weight in gold I must say. All the attachments and extenders have made our lives a bit easier. Now, if I could only pry myself off this computer and actually start cleaning!

Featuring the almighty Woongjin Blackhole...it's an enigma as to why it works so well:

Charger stand, two extensions, two attachments, and a vaccuum style attachment makes for enjoyable Sunday afternoons!

The royal blue color makes one feel like royalty...now all I have to do is hire someone to clean our place and use this thing.


Queen of the Universe said...

When you leave Korea, what are you going to do with all of the stuff you've purchased?

Gary said...

Well, we haven't bought much, everything was supplie by our employer. So far, we've purchased the dustbuster, a frying pan and some cooking utensils! :)

We'll probably sell the stuff we bought or give it away...

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