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Monday, 9 October 2006

North Korea claims to have successfully tested a nuclear weapon

Well...where to begin. This morning after making our lunch for work I was checking the news feeds on the internet regarding North Korea's nuclear test that was supposedly scheduled for the weekend. Just before leaving for work the news tickers went crazy with reports that North Korea had successfully tested a nuclear weapon underground and that there was significant seismic activity in the area. Where does that leave us, living in Seoul, just about 100km's away from the DMZ? Who knows...there are still many questions to be answered however.

Although the nuclear issue is a relevant topic, most South Koreans don't hype up the extracurricular activities of North Korea as much as the media does. But that's not to say it's not an important matter. Anyways, regardless of what happens let's hope this thing ends peacefully and not start another conflict--especially when The Daily Kimchi is right in the thick of things! Comments are welcome. Next up, pictures from our visit to Gyeongbokgung Palace during Chuseok!

International Reaction to the test:International Rea
  • China

    "North Korea has ignored the widespread opposition of the international community and conducted a nuclear test brazenly on October 9. The Chinese government is firmly opposed to this. The Chinese side strongly demands the North Korean side abide by its pledges on de-nuclearisation and to stop any action that would worsen the situation."

  • United Kingdom

    "This nuclear test will be viewed by the UK and the rest of the international community as a highly provocative act to which we will respond robustly. It can only raise tensions in an already tense region, and have repercussions internationally."

  • South Korea

    "Our government will sternly deal with this in accordance with the principle that it will not tolerate North Korea's possession of nuclear weapons. North Korea's behaviour is a grave threat to peace and stability, not only in the Korean peninsula but also in Northeast Asia. Our military, based on the South Korea-US alliance, is fully ready for any provocation by North Korea."

  • Australia

    "Australia will advocate a UN Security Council regime against [North Korea] which includes targetted financial and travel sanctions, other trade restrictions and/or aviation restrictions."


Anonymous said...

Hey G&T, I just heaerd about this on the news and was thinking about you guys! Hope everything there is safe and sound. Keep us posted, I know a lot of us will be thinking of you!

Blondie (A.R.)

mark said...

Well I'm coming there on Friday and I haven't cancelled yet.. heh.

Anonymous said...

It was not exactly a "weapon", I believe. Nuclear test is not necessarily a weapon test. (remember France did the test some years ago?)

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