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Thursday, 19 October 2006

TV channels free on your computer...I'm watching NBC as we speak!

Now, coming over to teach English in Korea meant no more live TV for Gdog and Devante. One of the things I miss the most is live NHL hockey and pro sports in general. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with the sports here on TV but I just miss watching sports back home.

Well, that has changed recently with the discovery of the TVU Player, a free program that lets you watch "live" TV on your computer--for free! If you're currently in Korea teaching English or anywhere else in the world, you might enjoy this. According to the review from WebTVHub "Channels featured on TVUPlayer currently include CBS, ESPN, NBA TV, ABC, NBC, FOX, Comedy Central, Disney and more, including sports channels."

It might not work for you in your region, but it's been great for Gdog. Check it out!

Say hi to Sponge Bob (image courtesy of WebTVHub):


Anonymous said...

If you miss NHL, go to http://www.cif-forums.com

They have torrents up of almost every NHL game right after they are played :)

Yes, it's SkinnyPupp from Revscene ;)

Jon Allen said...

If you run out of things to watch there
I found this log entry ( from digg!)

13 places to watch tv
and there are several more in the comments

Gary said...

Thanks for the link, Jon! I also saw that on Digg. Who would've thought, free TV online!

Anonymous said...

Also try www.wantena.com, lots of channels from all over the world.

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