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Sunday, 15 October 2006

A Twosome Place...a visit inside...with more than two people!

You may remember from my previous visit to Cold Stone Creamery in Jongno-gu that I posted a picture of A Twosome Place. Well, near the end of the week we visited Sinchon, which is one stop after Hongkik University. We went to A Twosome Place for a post-work birthday party celebration with some friends from work. By the time we got there it was pretty late so Gdog refrained from ordering anything (I know, I shocked myself too) but he did end up going to MCDONALDS! That experience was not as good as my normal McD's experiences in Mokdong. However, I have decided to never go there again (unless it's during the lunch special hour, when all combos are 3us).

Anyways, check out these tantalizing salads from A Twosome Place. Normally you see food models made with fake ingredients, but I think these salads are the real deal.

Caesar salad with about 5-6 leaves...yummy!

Herb Chicken Salad...you get what you pay for since it's 3700w (4usd):


Anonymous said...

you came back, OMG, i logged on your blog to read your canadian life. Oh well,
Welcome back!!! mangchi!!

Gary said...

Hey thanks for the comments, who are you?

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