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Wednesday, 22 November 2006

Ashley restaurant in Homever + 88 cent boxer shorts

There's a restaurant in Homever called Ashley. It's a high end steakhouse along with an interesting salad bar that I will be trying out on your behalf this weekend (hopefully).

What caught my eye was the slogan on the bottom corner of the menu: "Ashley - Restaurant for lassie women"...lassie meaning young, unmarried women.

Here's a promotional poster for lassie women and their dates...look, it's Shallow Hal!:

...and here are boxer shorts I bought for 880w ($0.88 cents)...what a deal!


Anonymous said...

That's not Shallow Hal, its The Holiday.

Anonymous said...

Is the movie on the poster really "Shallow hal"?
I think that is "The holiday"
It will come out on December 14th in Korea.
Korean title - "Romantic holiday"

Gary said...

Sorry about the confusion, I was referring to my man, Jack Black...:)

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