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Thursday, 2 November 2006

Buying clothes on the side of the road

On our walks to and from work, we always see some interesting things on the side of the road. We always see the farmer guy selling his fresh vegetables, the dried fish lady, the couple selling their puffed snacks, and the octopus ball guy (pictures soon to come).

Tonight, on our way home we thought there was a movie being filmed because of some bright lights. Turns out it was a truck that had set up shop selling clothes. Bin after bin filled up the entire sidewalk. I saw some knock off North Face jackets and some Adidas pants. The quality of these clothes weren't that great. Anyways, keep an eye out as you can never guess what you'll see selling on the side of the road.

Excuse the blurry picture (most vendors don't like cameras; that's him looking at me!) but here is the "sidewalk sale":


Jon Allen said...

I was planning on 'things to buy on the road side' post after I saw a bloke selling tiny live fishes for (I assume) your aquarium.
Really cute shiny fish there were, I thought they were plastic at first.

Laura said...

Hi. Your blog is very interesting. My husband and I are planning on teaching in Korea for a year starting in August. I'm wondering if women's clothing in most sizes is readily available to purchase there or do I need to bring a year's supply with me? Thanks,

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