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Thursday, 9 November 2006


The era of Carrefour in Korea ended just over a month ago. It has now been replaced by Homever and yesterday they had their grand opening. Construction on the entire building in and out has been going on literally 24 hours a day. We decided to walk 100 meters and visit the store at 10:30am--along with everyone else in Mokdong!

This picture was taken a few days before their grand opening. I noticed the staff bowing and chanting "Homever" to the retail gods at a nearby shopping square. So, I pulled out my camera and snapped a shot:

Their praying must have paid off, because this was the scene at the front entrance (we could barely move!):

Massive sidewalk sales were going on...it was a feeding frenzy! Check out this video:

Being owned by E.Land, inside the store there was a focus on clothing. Being named Homever, there was also a focus on home furnishings too:

Here we are heading down to the grocery part of Homever, conveniently named "farMever"...notice the hours of operation, 10am-12pm...they are only open for two hours (it is a typo)!

The checkout aisle was out of control. People can checkout with groceries and items from upstairs...so it can take forEver!:

So far, I am quite pleased with Homever. It has been a good replacement for Carrefour as there's a bigger selection of some groceries. I have a feeling that I'll be coming back and back...and back...and back...


ZenKimchi said...

"so it can take forEver!"

Classic! So what interesting stuff is at the grocery section.

Oh, and groundbreaking news... I'm (we're) giving in and getting a Costco membership. Eun Jeong's tired of me complaining when I get into my "I need a sandwich" fits.

Anonymous said...

Did you get more free stuff?

Gary said...

Zen: the grocery section had a lot of stuff. More selection than Carrefour. There was a wine and cheese section, an organic goods section and the rest was your typical meat, veggies, snacks, dairy, household goods, etc. I look forward to actually walking down an aisle once the craziness dies down.

Sandra: no more free stuff this time. HowEver, I will be going back to buy 30 eggs for 1300w ($1.30) and maybe a 20 piece dinnerware set for $10!

Anonymous said...

30 eggs? You must eat a lot of eggs. My mother-in-law bought a box of 18, in the beginning of Sept. I think 2 are missing from the box, and the rest are still in the fridge... I'm not sure if they are still any good.

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