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Sunday, 5 November 2006

Lunch on the weekend at Pastario

Every time we walk down the stairs in Omokgyo Station we see a pasta chain, Pastario above us. The place is always busy and recently they were awarded "1st Prize" at the Pastario food festival. So...can you guess what we did? That's right, we decided to eat lunch there on our way out to run some errands.

Yes, I know the place looks empty but this picture was taken later in the evening on our way home...

The moment we entered it felt like we were entering a high school--everybody in here was under the age of 18 and female:

First up...baked lasagna...it was pretty good, the pasta was a bit different but still very tasty:

We also ordered a pizza...I went for the "supreme" and it ended up coming with corn niblets--yes, corn niblets. Korean pizza is awesome because it has less dough and lots of toppings.

How about some potato wedges to polish off this meal (as you can see these dishes are all grease-themed):

You're probably wondering...wow these two are pigs for eating all of this food--hold it right there: we saved the pizza for dinner, buster! To our surprise, this is how it came in the take out box:

A pizza box wrapped with red ribbon--amazing! When we ate the pizza for dinner it felt like Christmas opening the box!

Lunch was great and it was reasonably priced. I also noticed on the menu they had BUBBLE TEA! It was my first sighting of bubble tea in Korea (let me know where else you can find BT in Korea). Have you seen a Pastario near you?


Anonymous said...

You really need to change the summary at the top of your blog. This blog isn't about an English Teacher in Korea, it's about a foreigner eating out in Korea.

I challenge you to take photos of anything other than food or restaurants for one week and to blog instead about something cultural. Scratch that, it doesn't even have to be cultural, how about something related to your job? Are you up to the task?

Gary said...

Wow, Melanie you feel so strongly about my blog...you must be enjoying it too much or are envious. Well, here's a hint from me to you, it's my blog so I can post whatever I want. How does that sound? ;)

Also, if you check out my archives, I've visited lots of other places in Korea, not just restaurants. I believe food is a major part of the Korean culture so if you're expecting something else from my blog, maybe this isn't the blog for you. :)

Thanks for the comments, by the way. hehe.

Access South Korea Now said...

Hello...nice blog...I haven't been by in a while, but I know there was a bubble tea place at the Express Bus Terminal in the mall. If you find where the movie theatre is, then find the Nolboo restaurant (eat there, yummy budae jjigae), then pass that and go to Kosney at home, pass that, and on your left should be a coffee shop with bubble tea. Hope it's still going strong. Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

i love your blog. I'm an ESL teacher in the Philippines..teaching Koreans online. It's wonderful. Keep up the interesting blog! (Its the only Korean blog I love to read..lol...im a glutton;))

Anonymous said...

Well, you have one foodie picture fan. Infact more pictures of eating please!

I used to see this place all the time when I lived in mokdong and I also noticed that it was always full of high school kids. Never went in. Glad to know it was decent.

Gary said...

Thanks for the kind words of encouragement everyone. I will continue to post whatever I feel like posting (and more food pics for maryeats)! :)

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