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Sunday, 12 November 2006

Top 3 essentials required for teaching English in Korea

Invention #1
We've been trying hard to study Hangul. The first step in doing so is memorizing the Korean alphabet which is quite simple. I went the extra step to make laminated flash cards for Devante and I. Now, these handy dandy cards accompany us where ever we go. Innovation at its finest!

The front:

The back:

Invention #2
When I'm moving around the front of the classroom teaching my lessons, it is crucial that I have easy access to a board eraser. When I'm situated on the right side of the white board, I have an eraser next to me. However, when I'm on the left, I always have to lunge for the eraser. Now, that split second it takes for me to pause slightly and reach for that eraser is all that's needed for one student to lose interest and start going AWOL on me. So I created an eraser pouch on the left, stuck to the board via a magnet. Ingenius!

This little gem brings a smile to my face every minute I'm in the classroom:

Invention #3 (this is my personal favorite)
Normally, there is an endless supply of Kleenex tissue boxes for teachers to put in their classrooms. This is the flu season and I have so many kids that are coughing and sneezing out of control. Bodily fluids that come out of their mouth and noses require Kleenex--but the supply ran out a month ago. So I had to improvise (along with everybody else) and use scented toilet paper.

At first it was just sitting on my desk, taking away my precious surface area (because we all know that toilet rolls are big). So, I decided to take it one step further and create a toilet roll dispenser. Yes, that's right, a toilet roll dispenser. It's attached to the wall with tacks along with clear instructions on where to pull down. Every time I look at it...I get speechless. The true test will be today when students see it for the first time and it gets a real trial run.

Follow the instructions carefully...or else (I was going to fold the end like how the maids do in some hotels, but failed miserably)!

As you can see from above, these three essentials will making your job of teaching English a lot easier. All I need now in my classroom is a toilet. Don't you agree? ;-)

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Jon Allen said...

we were just saying how to make our flat properly korean we needed a toilet roll holder.
Now I know how to make one.

I see Cat at Seoulife has been copying you and ordered Pappa joes pizza!

Anonymous said...

Gdog - flashcards are invaluable in learning Korean - I struggled with the reading until I made something similar...if only learning to understand their different pronunciation via speaking...that'd be a feat. I like the toilet paper dispenser idea; have you tried it yet with the jumbo rolls of "less-than-single-ply" toilet paper? If you could manage that, you probably wouldn't have to change it nearly every day...
you've officially been added to my blog as well - cheers!

Anonymous said...

you are the Asian Ron Popeil!

Set it and forget it!

Anonymous said...

Have you tried Sogang University's Korean program? Its pretty good, http://korean.sogang.ac.kr/

Also David Eisenberg has a good learning website, http://www.langintro.com/kintro/index.htm

Gary said...

Hi Sandra,

Thanks for the links! I have tried the David Eisenberg website, it's a lot of fun and very interesting. I will give the Sogang University program a try. :)

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