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Sunday, 5 November 2006

Two crazy incidents in the past 24 hours

Incident #1, 10:15pm, Hongdae area, Seoul, South Korea:
Saturday night we went to Hongdae to hang out. Anyways, after leaving The Coffee Bean, ten seconds later I feel a tap on my shoulder. Turns out, I had DROPPED my digital camera (it was attached to my man purse) and it was a Korean guy returning it to me! I was so thankful because I had no idea my camera dropped on the ground. Koreans are very honest and helpful and this gesture just reaffirmed that thought. I was very lucky that he ran after me and returned my camera! :)

Incident #2, 11:00am, Myeongdong shopping district, Seoul, South Korea:
Today we went shopping in Myeongdong (post to come later) and as I was withdrawing money from Wooribank, the machine returned my card and receipt, but NO MONEY CAME OUT! So I started freaking out a bit, since I was taking out a considerable amount of cash. I picked up the phone next to the ATM and pressed one of the buttons. I end up talking to an operator and within two minutes a security guy enters the bank. I try to explain the situation to him and he ends up going into the bank, disabling the ATM I was using and then calling the after hours personnel (the majority of Korean banks are closed on weekends). Still with me? Five minutes later he hands me his cellphone and I speak to a fellow in English. Turns out I was trying to withdraw more than I had in my account--hence the reason for no money coming out--aka Gdog is an idiot! So...embarrassed, we thanked him and quickly evacuated the vicinity. I was very impressed that someone came to assist my so called "problem." It was reassuring should anything happen in the future.

All in all it was an interesting weekend but very entertaining to say the least. Both Devante and I managed to get some serious shopping done. I bought a couple long sleeve t-shirts from Giordano and Devante bought a nice leather bag and some sexy boots to boot (no pun intended, hehe).


ZenKimchi said...

Incident #1 happened to me last week.

Anonymous said...

anyways~~~~ hahah

Anonymous said...

Pizza always comes in a box like that, corn is always on the pizza and you always get pickles with pizza in Korea. That's just the way life is.

A friend of mine once tried to order pizza with various toppings chosen by her. The pizza place took the order then called back to say they couldn't do it because they, "didn't think it would be delicious."

By the way, don't carry a man-purse. You'll thank me later!

Gary said...

Hi Melanie, thanks for the info. Obviously I am posting about this because it's interesting. I enjoy carrying a man purse because it makes readers like you happy! Have a great day! :)

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