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Sunday, 17 December 2006

Chicken Galbi in Sinchon

So after making our journey to and from Pyeongtaek, we were starving. So we headed to Sinchon with ATL for our first chicken galbi experience. The place we went to was one of the numerous chicken galbi restaurants lining the streets of Sinchon.

Here's the front entrance. The employees love to advertise their restaurant to people passing by:

Here's the inside...a nice feel to the place:

Our first step: head to the self serve kimchi station and load up:

Don't worry, we went back for more after we finished this:

Our chicken galbi consisted of chunks of dark meat, dokbokgi, sweet potatoes, green onions, and lots of cabbage:

Let's fast forward 10 minutes...

The staff cook the chicken galbi (well, they periodically come by to stir) at your table--watch this exclusive video:

I would say that our first chicken galbi experience was good, but not life changing. When we got back to our table from the kimchi station, I found a tiny dustball with HAIR in our grille. It was disgusting actually. I picked it out and threw it on the ground--in hindsight I should've showed it to the management, but I didn't bother. By the time we got home from watching The Holiday, let's just say both our stomachs didn't feel very good.


jane said...

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Can I find out what are the opening hours like for the camera shops? I really hope that they are open at night because I'm following a tour package and can only drop by at night. Thanks for providing tibits of Korea in your blog. :)

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