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Wednesday, 6 December 2006

Experiencing SubMeal pizza and chicken

Do you have a SubMeal near you? Well, if you remember my post from a few days ago I mentioned the grand opening that had music and this guy dancing in the bitter cold. The menu inside was limited to about ten items. SubMeal is clearly going for sales in volume with their starting bargain price of 5000w ($5usd) per pizza. They had fried chicken as well--the moment I saw that, I knew I had to try it too (remember my addiction to Two Two?)!

We ordered a supreme pizza, 500g of bbq wings and a bottle of Coke, all for 11,000w (roughly $11usd). SubMeal was pretty busy at the time (most likely their grand opening honeymoon phase) so we had to wait about ten minutes for our pizza to be made. We did see them kneading their own dough, which was a good sign.

Here's the main counter. Order, pay, and take your number:

The menu...you can't beat $5 for a large pizza!

The fried chicken station--it takes two to tango. One to deep fry and the other to mix chicken in their sweet and spicy bbq sauce:

We've made it home now (we splurged and spent $2 on a cab, lol) and here is the order:

Open sesame...our pizza and chicken. We really shouldn't be eating this at night but we are always starving after work:

My pizza verdict: not bad for $5, it was good but the dough was a bit thin for my liking. Here, take a bite:

My fried chicken verdict: it was very tasty with a lot of white meat. It tasted like sweet and sour pork but with chunks of chicken. Lots of crispy batter if you're a fan of that. The addition of peanuts (it looks like garlic) adds to the taste. Sweet and spicy:

We will be visiting SubMeal again in the future. Overall the pizza was good for the price. Now I wonder if they deliver...


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