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Thursday, 7 December 2006

Joining the masked face club

Like any other major city in the world, the air quality can be bad at times. Right now it's very dry and dusty (our humidifier is helping). You see residents walking the streets wearing masks all the time. I decided to join the mask club. I bought one of these from Homever for 1000w ($1usd). Check out this spy shot of Gdog hiding behind a tree on the way to work:

"Catch me if you can, suckas!"


Anonymous said...

Heh.. If you wore that into a bank, do you think anyone would care?

Gary said...

Nope...these things are very common...you see them everywhere.

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing those when I went to Korea in the winter years ago. I thought they were hideous and wondered why people wore them. Alas, now in my old age, I saw someone wearing one yesterday - in Chicago - and thought "I wonder if I should get one for myself?"

Anonymous said...

I thought you were supposed to wear them when you are sick?

Anonymous said...

So, do these masks really help with the dry air and stuff, or is it mainly that it keeps out the dust?

I haven't bought any yet, but I am getting curious if they really help. I even saw a little girl yesterday with a terry cloth mask that had a kitten applique on it. So, now they can be a fashion statement, too.

(Neat idea for a photo, BTW.)

Gary said...

I think these masks are used for a combination of things. It will help keep out the dust (I haven't worn it long enough to notice the difference--I'm congested right now as we speak) and also help keep your face warm (that's what a coworker told me). Who knows...it looks cool!

I always see construction men wearing these too.

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