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Friday, 8 December 2006

Kids reading at the bookstore

A few days ago we were in the Hyundai Department store. We checked out the bookstore located in the basement level. Just like bookstore we visited at COEX Mall, the foreign magazines and books were fairly expensive.

Here's a picture of some kids reading inside the bookstore at Hyundai. You see them reading in stores everywhere (even inside Homever).

On a side note, I am officially sick. Symptoms right now include a stuffy and runny nose, congestion and a headache. Thank goodness it's the weekend. Goodnight. ZZZzzz.......*sneeze*


Anonymous said...

God. I hate that bookstore (Bandi and Luni's)... cheapskates! Not only are the books ridiculously overpriced (EVEN if you take the price of importing the books into consideration, the prices STILL reek disgustingly of GREED), the bastards can't even provide a few sofas for people to sit on and read.

Ed Lau said...

That might be because you're supposed to buy the books...not read them at the store.

I read the bookstore all the time though.

Sandra said...

Oh, watch out with your cold, you might start getting weird teas from all the Korean mammas... or at least that's what mine gives me.

Jennipal -- doing it Korean style said...

If you are looking to buy cheap magazines in Korea then get off at subway station SAMGAKJI (exit 10) and walk about 2 blocks (just follow the street once you get out of the exit). You will see a USO sign. Once you are behind the gate go to the building close to the front. As soon as you enter the door turn RIGHT. It's here you will find all your American gossip magazines (perhaps they even carry Canadian ones too). And the best part is, they are the same standard price that you would pay back home :)

By the way, I too am a Canadian english teacher living in Seoul. I am home for the holidays and will be returning back to Korea in the beginning of Jan. Your blog is very entertaining (I check it everyday, however this is the first time I have posted a comment). Expect to hear from me more often and keep the posts coming Gdog.

And...............HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!

Gdog said...

Hi Jennipal! Thanks for the tips on magazines. I am familiar with the USO since we went on a DMZ tour with them. That is great, Devante will love this.

Enjoy your time in Canada!

Anonymous said...

Jennipal, you rock!

To ed lau:
I don't know how you shop for books, but I like to flip through them /before/ I buy them to get an idea of what they're about.

"That might be because you're supposed to buy the books...not read them at the store." That's probably what their logic is, but it IS possible to both read books and buy them too. I've purchased (out of necessity, not choice, I assure you) more than a $1000 (USD) worth of books from there(I'm a "Gold Member" now), and I don't think it's asking to much to want a place to read.

I maintain that their refusal to create more space for readers stems from stinginess... which is just bad business sense.

On a more positive note, however, the new Bandi and Luni's at Jonggak Station (Line 1) has seats... not very many, but still seats. They also have a better cafe.

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