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Sunday, 3 December 2006

Now this is what you call a grand opening!

There are many ways to advertise the grand opening of your store. You can have a week long sidewalk sale, like Homever. Or, you can tape flyers on the ground leading to the entrance of your store, like this one in Itaewon. But one of my favorites is having a clown-like man, in a yellow suit, on stilts, dancing outside at night in the bitter cold to some music--this was the scene on Saturday night after work!

Turns out there's a new 5000w pizza place in town (like the many others in Seoul). This pizza/chicken place by Mokdong Station was jam-packed and busy. Outside you had this guy generating attention by ripping up the sidewalk with his dance moves and making balloon animals for the kids.

"All those years of studying English has paid off!"

Check out this exclusive video by my new best friend, working it for the camera:

Rest assured that I will be trying out the food at this place and reporting back to you--it's just a matter of time.


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