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Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Shopping at the Gangnam Underground Shopping Arcade

We went for breakfast once again to Puffin Cafe in Itaewon with Anyways. This was a couple days after our big snow storm. It was quite the feat trying to make it to Omokgyo station, maneuvering around slush covered sidewalks. We eventually made it there in one piece but our shoes were soaking wet (including our socks--thanks Adidas + Nike).

Breakfast was deeeelish. I had the Puffin omelette and Devante and Anyways shared pancakes and French Toast. Oh, and we each had a scone too. You have to go there for breakfast...it's the bomb (I've said this before).

Afterwards, Devante and I went shopping at the Gangnam Underground Shopping Arcade. Basically it just another huge underground mall but numerous vendors. Clothes, shoes, trinkets, etc...can all be found here. I was on the hunt for a pair of lined boots and I found them (20,000w, leather!) just after exiting the Express Bus Terminal Station (Line 2, green; buses here go to every major bus terminal in the country), where the market is located. Devante bought two (*gasp*) pairs of boots and found some clothes for really cheap. The Shinsegae Department Store is nearby and tonnes of other stores too.

Let's get back on topic (food that is) and see what we ate at Puffin. My omellete (prior to being ravaged by both Devante and Anyways--I don't mind sharing, but they robbed me blind):

You know what they say, "don't get mad, get even." In the words of a good friend of mine, "revenge is the best dish served cold,":

Look at the puffins eating breakfast on the wall--how can you not like this place?

Let's get to the shopping part. Devante bought some boots here...they are sexy:

"Just another day shopping--underground!"

The 2000w bargain bin...deals can be found here if you have the patience!


Sera said...

Is kangnam underground open on Sundays?

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