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Sunday, 10 December 2006

Spam from Homever (not that kind of spam)

When I signed up for the Homever points card, I made the fatal mistake of writing down my real phone number. Who would've thought a few weeks later I'd be constantly receiving daily text messages regarding specials and promotions! I would get random messages regarding sales on vegetables, household supplies, etc. You name it, I received it.

The other day, however, I did receive a text message that was of interest to me. According to the translation given to me from one of my students, there was a promotion where the first 1000 people to spend over 30,000w ($30us) would get a free fleece blanket. We had some grocery shopping to do so we trekked over there early in the morning and shopped away.

We did spend the 30,000w minimum (and maybe a bit more, damn you Homever) and received our free blanket. It is now covering our free lounge chair we recently dragged home in a shopping cart.

Translation: "Hello again. It's Homever. Come spend your hard earned money on stuff you really don't need. Come watch our new parking lot attendants work the the lot. Enjoy your day. Lastly, unsubscribing to these text messages is impossible (insert Nelson laugh, "Ha-Ha!")"

While were down in the farMever (grocery) level of Homever, we saw an amazing deal. A 5kg (11lbs) box of mandarin oranges from Jeju was on sale for 4800w ($5usd). Normally, we buy our oranges on the street from this farmer guy (20-22 oranges for 3000w~$3usd) so this was infact redflagdeal worthy! Everyone else was thinking the same thing--hence, the traffic jam at 10:15am. We're going to average four each, per day, to finish off the box--perfect! Umm...anybody want some oranges?

"Outta my way! I was here first!":

I woke up early for this?! Thanks Homever! (yes, those are the Lotte Anytime mints reviewed by maryeats in the background)


Jennipal -- doing it Korean style said...

SCORE!!!!!!!! gotta love free stuff...........how many people did you have to run over to get that (hehe)

Gdog said...

Yep...I'm a sucker for freebies, lol. You gotta be aggressive with the shopping carts or else nobody will move out of your way. Just be prepared to slam on the breaks if they aren't scared. It's like playing a game of chicken...but with shopping carts and in the vegetable aisle!

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