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Thursday, 14 December 2006

Sponsored Post: HotelReservations.com

If you remember from a while back, I posted about ReviewMe, a website that pays bloggers to review products or services on their blog. At the time, I was not sure if ReviewMe was going to pay me the $20US they promised for reviewing their site (since they were so new), but low and behold, on the 1st of December I received my payment via PayPal as promised. Ka-ching!

Anyways, advertisers are able to choose from which blogs they want to review their site. I recently discovered an offer in my inbox from ReviewMe to review a travel booking website, HotelReservations.com . I was hesitant at first about the review, but ReviewMe's guidelines state I can write whatever I feel like for the review, as long as I have 200 words. Well, here we go!

When I first navigated to HotelReservations.com the website looked clean and easy to navigate. But honestly, let's cut to the chase--how does HotelReservations.com compare to a bigger booking website, such as Expedia? I decided to book two similar flights with each site to compare them. I decided to reminisce about my trip to Hong Kong in 2004, so I booked flights departing from Vancouver flying direct to Hong Kong. I chose Air Canada and even tried to have similar departing and arrival times. Here are the results:

HotelReservations - Roughly 5.37 million won ($6748.52CDN for two adults, conversion via XE)

Expedia.ca - $4311.28CDN for two adults

I'll let you interpret the results yourselves. A couple interesting features I did notice about HotelReservations.com is that they have an "Internet Price Guarantee" and also have up to $100 Cash Rebates for booking hotels. You might want to check out their website yourself to compare with other sites regarding packages and flights too, as your experience may differ from mine. The End (a.k.a $20 in my pocket for 15 minutes of work). :-) Curious how to get make money like Gdog on the internet? Sign up for AGLOCO (read about it here)!


Anonymous said...

So, have they paid for this post yet or can they see your post first and then back out?

Gary said...

I haven't been paid yet, they usually wait to approve the reviews. However, their guidelines clearly state that it's up to the blogger's discretion as to how they want to approach the review.

Gary said...

Update: it's been approved already.

Anonymous said...

Make sure you and your friends consider us for booking a hotel room when you travel next time. thanks for the review, good work....from management of hotelreservations.com

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