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Saturday, 2 December 2006

The weather now is not cold--it's VERY COLD!

Okay, we expected it to get cold in Seoul and we were ready to experience it--but the reality is not the same as our imaginations! It's super cold right now in Seoul (and it's going to get colder). Back home in Victoria, the coldest it will ever get is about -1 or -2 degrees Celsius, and some people still wear shorts and sandals in that weather (you know you've seen those weirdos, kidding).

Yesterday on the way to work we spotted our first sighting of ice (outside the king crab shack):

Last night was freezing after work and today it's about -8 degrees Celsius according to the Weather Channel as I'm typing this post. Don't believe me? Check for yourself:

Here are some items keeping me warm in this freezing weather:

My scarf from The Gap, leather gloves from Costco (thanks to Devante's mom) and my newly purchased beanie/toque...for only 4000w ($4us)!

Last but not least, my trusty North Face jacket--it's a lifesaver in this weather (thanks Devante!):

The next items on our list of things to get...Devante needs a warmer jacket and we are in the hunt for a humidifier because it's getting very dry here. I feel like going to Costco for a bugulgi bake...MMMmmm...bugulgi bake...


Anonymous said...

god, that's like a corny ass joke my dad would make.

Gary said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Mr. John Chow Junior! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm asking for a North Face coat from my Dad for Xmas. I want to be warm when I get over there. Which isn't so far away. (March-ish!)

Stay warm! :)

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