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Saturday, 16 December 2006

The world's most expensive maple syrup

Do you love waffles and pancakes? If you just answered an enthusiastic "YES!" to my question, than you must be familiar with maple syrup. Do you want to buy maple syrup in Korea? Good luck, as the selection can be limited. I did find some "pancake syrup" at Costco, but it just didn't taste the same. Buying maple syrup in Seoul can be expensive--really expensive. Let's take a look at what could possibly be, the world's most expensive maple syrup.

These bottles of syrup were at my local Homever, in the "Organic Foods" section of farMever. Look at the price of the bottle on the left--no, you're eyes aren't seeing things, that says 45,000w (a whopping $48USD!!) for a 235mL bottle of Coombs Family Farms organic maple syrup! Turns out it was a pricing error--the price tags are mixed up. The real price is 14,000w ($15USD) for 234mL/8oz of maple syrup--still highway robbery.

If you wanted to buy (just under) one liter (32oz), it would cost you 56,000w ($60USD)! Four liters (or one gallon) would cost 224,000w, or $240USD! Compare the price of one gallon of organic maple syrup to this list of 47 liquids--it's darn expensive!

We can thank Canada for producing 80% of the world's maple syrup! :)

If you opt for the 1 liter jug, you will save 9000w! Yahoo!

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P Sin said...

hmm wouldnt it be cheaper for you to have the maple syrup shipped from canada (have it marked as gift to avoid customs). i'm thinking u could open up ur own little syrup shop ;)

Ed Lau said...

Holy shit! That's more expensive than gas. That's like...cocaine expensive!

marina said...

hi, i am living in korea right now and i need to by maple syrup. i wanna knw where u found that, u give names but u dont say where exactly.
thanks u.
my e-mail marinamarquieze@hotmail.com

alison425 said...

Hi, could you tell me which Homever this is - I really need 64oz of grade B, organic maple syrup but I cannot find anything here in Suwon, Seoul.
Please help! Thank you.

my email is alibongo58@hotmail.com

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