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Monday, 22 January 2007

Chocolate in Korea: Lotte's Dream Cacao, 72%

Who loves chocolate? Koreans do! If you love chocolate, Korea can keep you happy if you are a big fan of dark chocolate. Western brands that can be found here include Snickers, Twix, Mr. Big (proudly Canadian), and Toblerone just to name a few. The majority of the chocolate market is dominated by the Lotte Corporation, proprietors of practically everything imaginable.

A dangerous theme park? Check.
A five star hotel? Check.
A luxury department store chain? Check.
A fast food chain, named Lotteria? Check.
A nationwide celebration based on Pepero? Check.
A container of dark chocolate shaped into little cubes? Check...err...wait a minute...

Lotte's Dream Cacao line up of dark chocolate comes in two different percentages of cacao content. There's 72% and 56%. You can find either percentage in little bite-sized cubes, or in your traditional chocolate bar format.

Today we have here the 72% cacao content in a container. The average price for a 110 gram container is about 3000w ($3USD) at your local convenience store (it's cheaper at Homever or other big supermarket chains). The taste is not bad; I like dark chocolate and the 72% cacao content is just about right for my liking. As a bonus, the chocolate also acts as an excellent replacement for dice, and students respond well when you throw these at them to wake them up.

Lotte's 72% Dream Cacao dark chocolate...in their words, "Cacao Polyphenol Chocolate. Good Blended Taste"


acurrie said...

I brought a couple of these home with me from Seoul earlier this month and quite liked them. Wonder if they're available online...

Anonymous said...

You should try the kimchi chocolates that were on Mary Eats, http://maryeats.com/2006/12/29/kimchi-chocolates-mmmm/

Gary said...

Thanks for checking out the blog, AC.

Sandra: I saw that post already...now that's what you call interesting chocolate! ;)

Anonymous said...

I just tried it yesterday. The more I eat, the more I like it. Dark chocolate is very trendy at the moment in Korea as you know. Because it is known as a good healthy item.
Yes! We are health freaks!! :D

Unknown said...

My girlfriend enjoys these immensely - buys a couple of them a week.

With than level of cocao, they are a decent mood elevator.


Anonymous said...

My GF buys a couple of these a week. With that level of cocao, it is a decent mood elevator. Why would she need her mood elevated?

Maestro David said...

They taste great. I found these at a local Korean supermarket.

Sophia said...

My uncle brought a jar of this Lotte Dream Cacao back to the US from Korea, where he worked for a few years. I ate them all up and am looking for more! I've looked online but can't seem to find any US retailers ... any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

I am also looking for the same chocolates. I went to Seoul for work last year, and brought back 2 packs of 72% cacao. But now they are gone, and am looking to get more of them.

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