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Wednesday, 17 January 2007

The Dot Com Mogul: John Chow

Have you ever wondered about how some people make a living off the internet? If you have, look no further than the blog of John Chow. Residing in Richmond, BC, John has been a pioneer when it comes to all things to do with technology and the internet. His tech website, TheTechZone.com is his number one moneymaker. His personal blog, JohnChow.com is one of the fastest growing websites on the internet. Along with his other websites, this enables him to work at home and raise his young family. This self proclaimed "dot com mogul" makes his living off the internet and enjoys expensive fine dining.

I first encountered John's blog during a Google search. I was surprised that he was from Richmond, which is relatively close to Victoria. His blog is educating yet full of interesting posts and the things that make him tick. His success is based on his ability to reach out to his readers. Reading his blog is entertaining and simple. John publishes how much he makes a month off his blog to the world, which is extremely rare. I got the idea to sign up for Agloco from John as he was one of the first to post about it.

If you're curious for an inside look into the lives of those monetizing their time spent online, check out John's website. I am reviewing John's blog in exchange for a link on his website. He has given the chance for everyday bloggers to review his site for a link exchange. Since his website is so popular, a link back to my blog will help increase readership. The Daily Kimchi is always looking for new ideas and ways to reach out to all the potential kimchi lovers out there. John, do you love kimchi?


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