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Friday, 5 January 2007

Intensives session + overtime = I'm tired!

As you may already know, the "intensives" session has started at our school. Students are on their winter vacation right now. What's the best way to enjoy your month off from studying? MORE STUDYING AND ACADEMIES!--"Thanks mom!"

I have students who are taking up to FIVE (that's right, FIVE) academies right now. Some of my students aged 12-13 are staying up to 2AM in the morning completing their homework and waking up at 6AM. It's absolutely insane if you ask me.

As for ourselves, we show up for work around 8:30AM and we get off at 7:55PM. That's teaching three classes that are three hours long. My classes are really enjoyable--the kids are keen and very fun to work with. However, standing and teaching nine hours a day, five times a week is starting to wear down our bodies. My "cankles" hurt (I don't have cankles; this is for all you Shallow Hal fans out there) after standing all day. Anyways, on the bright side we are making some extra money by working like slaves in a Nike shoe factory.

For your enjoyment, here's another depiction of me by one of my students. This was on the board after a break time. Turns out one girl in my class (she's about 10 years old) thinks I look like a female comic book character. I thought it was pretty funny--sending her out of the class for mocking me that is! NOT (inspired by Borat--now that's a FUNNY movie)!

"Look at me...I'm a girl...NOT!" -Gdog


Anonymous said...

I stumbled across your blog a while back, and as a male elementary education major, I love reading your site! I can't believe students are getting like 4 hours of sleep! How do they manage? They've gotta be incredibly moody during the day! Haha, anyway rock on!

Gary said...

Hey Jim, thanks for visiting my site. These students are incredible...they study all day and night and still have the energy to cram more into their brains. Their work ethic is astounding! Sometimes I have a lot of sleep students...it's nuts.

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