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Friday, 26 January 2007

Introducing...Gang Ji Hoon!

My classes during the winter intensives have been a hoot. These kids have been a lot of fun and they are very creative when it comes to interacting with me (in other words, making fun of me). One of my classes (mainly the girls) decided to come up with a Korean name for me. Their name of choice: Gang Ji Hoon--known as someone who teaches the river well, or something like that. I am not actually using this name, but it's funny because they call me that.

Notice the spelling in Hangul...I can spell my own "name!":

On the topic of making fun of the teacher, here's a nice little sketch by one of my junior classes. It's their interpretation of my home in a garden/forest, sketched during a ten minute break (the drawing was pretty awesome):

Upon entering my classroom during my last class (after already having taught six hours and being in the branch for eight hours), I found the artwork (which I left on the board) colored!

The winter intensives end on Monday and immediately after our "regular schedule" resumes on Tuesday. That's right, we don't have a break in between. Our bodies could use some rest, but oh well, that's what sleeping in is for. I will be updating the blog more frequently once I have more time--and more sleep.


Bryan said...

hey...i noticted a post of yours about you being a part of alladvantage...how much did you make before they went under?

are you currently in agloco? if not here's a link:


success comes in networks :-)

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