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Sunday, 7 January 2007

MC'ing the company staff party--fun!

So last night we had the annual company staff party at the Lotte Hotel located in Jamsil (located in Songpa-gu; read about my previous trip to Lotte World here). The company I work for has roughly 20 campuses and over 200 foreign staff. The party had over 500+ people in attendance and it was hosted by yours truly! I co-hosted the event with one of the Korean staff from our branch.

Now, I was asked to MC the party just before our Christmas vacation. I was hesitant at first because I had no idea what it entailed. After being bribed with a couple bags of kimchi and triangle gimbaps, I agreed (there is actually more in store, but I'll let you in on that later when it arrives).

The funny thing about MC'ing last night was that I found out two days prior that I would be wearing a traditional Korean hanbok! I had to get fitted for one near Omokgyo station after work. It was quite the experience to say the least. Normally, you would only wear a hanbok if it's a special occasion or for weddings. So yeah, I was wearing a hanbok--you know what they say, "when in Rome, do as the Romans do"...

There were a few speed bumps throughout the evening. I had forgotten my translated English script at HOME! Doh! So with 15 minutes before the start of the event, I had to write down keywords from the English translation that my co-MC was giving on the fly. I had to improvise my lines the entire night! Luckily, I've had some experience talking in front of large crowds in the past (my brother's wedding + valedictorian speech back in high school) so I was able to breeze my way through the night. What can I say, Gdog is the man...muahhaha!! ;-)

Here are some hanboks on display. We rented hanboks for the party:

...and here I am trying on my hanbok after teaching for 9 hours. Do you like the colors?:

Our arrival at the five star Lotte Hotel in Jamsil (Line 2, green; out east)...

The company I work for went all out for the party. A full buffet with over 40-50 items, ranging from roast beef, smoked salmon, sashimi (which I did not get a chance to try...I had no time to eat...grr!), and a full dessert buffet.

One gift I got afterwards was a very nice knitted scarf, which is perfect as now it's gotten extremely cold. Lately, the chill has been Antarctica-like...very cold!!

I would say that MC'ing this event has been one of the highlights of my experience in Korea so far. Getting involved is always good as you get to meet lots of great people in the process.


Anonymous said...

Related to your Dubai Dreams.


Sandra said...

Wow, I'm surprised they had a hanbok long enough to fit you. Seems like your company really takes care of you guys.

Gdog said...

Sandra: Yeah, that was the initial thought by everyone too. But, nevertheless one was found.

Our company does appreciate its teachers, although we do work extremely hard!

Karachi Hotel said...

I agreed with you,With out hard working there is no success.

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