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Saturday, 13 January 2007

Moving from Blogger Classic to the New Blogger--the first step

Blogger recently came out of beta and part of the switch for "classic" users involves migrating your old Blogger login to your existing Google Account. I just did this tonight and with that came a few new features available to me. I have yet to make the switch over to the new template where you can use drag and drop to rearrange the layout of your blog. If I do this, it will remove the existing modifications I have done to The Daily Kimchi.

One new feature I am going to start using is the use of "labels" for my blog posts. This way, readers can easily search for related posts. You want to read only about food? Click on the "food" label at the bottom of the post...how hard is that? Anyways, over the next few days I will be attempting to label all my previous posts of interest. By the way, I am slowly feeling better. Ta-ta for now (these are my drugs talking...kind of like Paula Abdul)!!


lowlight said...

Yup. your blog has been acting a little WHACKY tonight. My RSS feed showed some "new" posts from like the first day you arrived in KOREA. Looking forward to many funky posts~!


Gary said...

Hey Carl, I had a problem with my RSS feed at one point, but if you are using the Feedburner URL, http://feeds.feedburner.com/TheDailyKimchiSpicyPreservedAlways
I think it should be working fine...give it a shot. ;)

lowlight said...

Wow, I was pretty drunk when I wrote that LOL

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