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Sunday, 21 January 2007

"Solleyball": Loved by firefighters in Korea

Firefighters are always on high alert, in a state of readiness waiting to respond to an emergency. But with all that spare time, what is there to do to pass the time? Well, the firefighters in Mokdong, particularly Yangcheon-gu, love to play what I have termed, "Solleyball."

That's right...the ultimate sport combining the elements of soccer/football (choose whatever title you see fight) and volleyball. These firefighters, in their bright orange jumpsuits have setup a court in the back parking lot of the fire hall. A volleyball/badminton net has been setup along with a court outlined by lines of tape. The rules are like soccer/football, you can only use your feet and head to hit the ball. But here's the twist, it follows the rules of volleyball, where teams of three must work together to get the ball over the net. Bump, set, spike...but in this case, it's kick, kick, kick.

Here's a video of these firefighters having a ball from our officetel...it was incredible. These pioneers of "Solleyball" have really outdone themselves. Watch for the "spike"...they have mastered the move into a super spike/kick:

PS - The buzzing noise you hear in the background is made by our ceramic heater.


Crunchy Carpets said...

That is cool.
I wish our firefighters would play that!

I found you through your JohnChow review!

Gdog said...

Yeah, I'm still amazed. Thanks for visiting my blog!

your blog fan said...

I guess you haven't heard about "SEPAKTAKRAW"? In Korean it's "Jok-gu (foot-ball)".

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