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Tuesday, 2 January 2007

UAE Part 1: Flying with Emirates (food pics!)

This post is the start of my series of posts dedicated to our Christmas vacation in UAE. Most people have heard about the monster projects being started in Dubai--including ourselves. So we were pretty excited to visit Dubai thanks to Devante's parents living and working in Ras al-Khaimah (so far, only one of them is working--here's a clue: it's not her mom)!

We arrived in Dubai after a 9.5hr flight from Seoul aboard Emirates. After rushing via taxi to the airport for our 11:55pm flight, we made it on board. But...this where it gets interesting...leading up to our flight, Devante's right eye was getting very red and swollen. She ended up going to two clinics prior to the flight. The diagnosis: conjunctivitus, aka PINK EYE! So poor Devante is on the plane with a swollen eye that won't stop watering and oozing juices. Then it starts spreading to her other eye...doh! She had some drops that helped soothe her eyes...but they were not very effective.

Soooo...Devante's parents pick us up at 5:30am Dubai time. We explain to them our story of Devante's eye (she blames it on the dirty condition of our new place; it was not very clean at all) and before rushing to see a doctor back in RAK, we take a quick tour of Dubai--we both agreed it was well worth the wait!

Waiting outside the gate at Incheon International Airport:

Every seat was equipped with individual touch screen monitors, with a selection of TV, movies, video games, and music:

My first light snack...bugulgi with kimchi fried rice and kimchi:

Here's breakfast...I was too lazy to take another picture, but as you can see Emirates does a fantastic job of feeding its passengers:


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