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Thursday, 4 January 2007

UAE Part 4: The Hilton Beach Club in Ras al-Khaimah

So how did we spend our time in the United Arab Emirates? Well, if you read my previous post, Ras al-Khaimah (RAK) is developing at an exponential rate. RAK is known as the "Wild West" of the UAE. However, that will be changing now that a new highway has recently been completed, making the trip to Dubai possible in just 45 minutes to an hour.

One of the most recent and ongoing additions has been the Hilton Beach Club just located minutes away from the Hilton RAK hotel. Just a convenient 5-10 minute drive from Devante's parents house, this place was definitely "an oasis in the desert" as her dad put it. I was blown away that this resort was so nice, given that the parking lot was stalls of desert sand. This private beach had long stretches of white sand with stunning views of the Persian Gulf (also referred to as the Arabian Gulf; read about the naming dispute here). I took a swim in the water and it was cool at this time of the year--oh, and very salty too I might add! The Hilton Beach Club reminded me of our trip to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic with its long, white, and sandy beaches. OK, enough now, let's get onto the pictures!

Here's the shuttle that takes tourists from the Hilton RAK to and from the beach club (straight ahead is the entrance):

Upon entering, you will see many pools and an outdoor dining area (buffet). Here are the main pools (there's another one on the other side of that bridge):

Heading out to the beach along the wooden planked walkway will lead you to the bar. There is also a fully equipped water sports center:

Doesn't this look like paradise to you? I laugh every time I think about Devante's parents coming here--which is almost everyday!

Here's the beach and the water. Notice all those chalets in the background--the expansion calls for 151 of them! That is Devante's brother on the left, paddling a rented kayak (he was a cripple on this trip since he tore up his ankle pretty bad; he took matters into his own hands and removed his cast after 3 days--it was disturbing and I have it all on video!):

This was my view for an hour or two. It was a very nice view. The unfortunate thing was Devante was at home during my first trip to the beach. She was battling pink eye and getting over a cold. But don't worry, we made it to the beach multiple times. ;)

You know what? I'm feeling pretty generous so I'm going to take you on a walk with me along the beach. I'm walking with Devante's dad and brother (he has the crutches):

The Hilton RAK Beach Club was amazing. I never knew about the beautiful beaches in UAE, but now I do. Later, we will be visiting Al Hamra Fort Hotel and Beach Resort (part of the Al Hamra Village Project) for Christmas brunch. This colossal project will encompass "1350 residential units, four 5 star resort hotels, a marina, an 18 hole championship golf course as well as a first class retail area." These projects define my the title of my first post, Up and Coming Ras al-Khaimah. What are your thoughts so far?


Katie said...

Wow, looks like a nice trip and some good pictures! Did you see me when I stood on my tiptoes in Turkey and waved?

Welcome back home, if that makes sense for me to say, and see you around the Internet I guess!

Gdog said...

Hi Katie! Yes, as a matter of fact I did you see you wave from Turkey! ;)

Thanks, and keep up the work on the TEFLlogue, see ya around!

Anonymous said...

Please avoid using the term "Arabian Gulf" as it was created by Arab nationalists as a racist political attack towards the Persians. The correct name for that body of water is the Persian Gulf. Using the other name is political, racist and offensive to the 70 million Persians who inhabit the Gulf area. Thanks!

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