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Thursday, 11 January 2007

UAE Part 6: Fast food--Middle Eastern style

When we think of fast food, we think of burgers and fries. Well, in Ras al-Khaimah, fast food is in the form of burgers, falafels and fresh squeezed juice. There are hundreds of "cafeterias" littered throughout the city and they all supply fast food with a twist.

This was my first visit to Al Mamzar Cafeteria, located just minutes from Devante's parent's house. This little diner specialized in falafels, chicken burgers (with fries inside the burger, my dream come true) and fresh squeezed orange juice. We entered and placed our order...for five chicken burgers, six falafels and four fresh squeezed juices. What amazed me was the cost of these items...3AED for a burger ($1US), 1AED for a falafel ($0.33US) and 3AED for one fresh squeezed juice. Now these are the prices I can get used to! Why would anyone want to cook at home?

The signage at the almighty Al Mamzar Cafeteria--if the owners are reading this post, you can send the cheque in the mail:

In true paparazzi form, here are some pictures of the OJ squeezing process...notice it is by hand with an electric juicer, we're talking real labor here:

Here they are packing up our order....I'm getting hungry:

Here's a picture of a vehicle license platea in UAE, taken on the way home...this Lexus is from...you guessed it, Dubai:

If you still crave traditional fast food, you can't go wrong with McDonald's...check out this poster on the side of the highway--"I'm lovin it!":

I have a lot more food posts coming your way...I even have some videos too. I will update this post when I get home--stay tuned!


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