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Friday, 12 January 2007

UAE Part 7: Tower Links Golf Club in RAK

To fully live a luxurious life in UAE, in particular Ras al-Khaimah, you can't go without a full golf membership. Well, on top of their membership at the Hilton Beach Club, Devante's parent's also have a full family membership at the Tower Links Golf Club in RAK. This place was amazing, a full 18 hole course (the back nine holes are floodlit for night play), two driving ranges, putting and chipping area, a stacked pro shop, gym, restaurant, you name it, it's all here.

Our schedule was very limited so I did not get a chance to rip up a few rounds or two. However, I did get to experience their driving range on real grass (it still boggles my mind how much water is wasted to keep the grass green and healthy in the DESERT!) and unlimited buckets of balls--it was great. Upon pulling into the parking lot, an attendant immediately came and whisked away our clubs and loaded them into a power cart. Next thing you know, we were being chauffeured to the driving range.

Here are some typical cars in the parking lot...all kept nice and clean, even in dusty desert conditions:

The pro shop at Tower Links--Devante's mom is known to spend lots of money here on Christmas presents:

Here are a couple views from the pro shop, overlooking the course itself:

On the way to the driving range, I liked this advertisement by BMW:

First up, the putting green...by the way, this experience reaffirmed that I suck at putting:

Here's a view of the driving range...it's looking mighty green:

Here's an action shot of my perfect swing...too bad I was out driven by Devante's brother who was hobbling on one leg; did I mention that I hate golf?! Argghh!

Here are the power carts we rode in...nothing special but everything was brand new:

To think that Devante's mom gets to come here everyday after visiting the Hilton Beach Club (or vice versa) makes me chuckle over and over.


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