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Monday, 15 January 2007

UAE Part 8: Roaming camels and goats in RAK

In my UAE Part 3 update about "Up and coming Ras al-Khaimah," I noted that you would be reading about roaming goats and camels in the future. Well, I am delivering on my promise today, finally!

In Ras al-Khaimah (RAK), there is a lot of desert and open areas. Near the mountains bordering Oman, about 10 minutes away by car from Devante's parents house, we saw some roaming camels! I have never seen camels before in my life so this was pretty cool. There were two of them wandering about in the desert sun. These camels have thick string tied around their front hooves preventing them from wandering far away. My guess is they belong to someone in the area. As for the goats, they were everywhere just roaming around eating grass (there was a recent rainstorm) and probably sand and/or rocks. Let's get onto the pictures and videos!

Look at these guys, just chilling on an overcast afternoon:

This was the closest I got to one of them...I didn't want the camel to be spooked, spit on me, or attack me:

Here's a video just for you...camels are pretty "cute"...is he smiling at me?:

A little ways down the road, you can check out some UAE pride:

This sign was pretty funny...

Let's move onto the goats...look at these guys having a ball:

We have all heard of goats climbing mountains...but have you actually SEEN them on a mountain? Click on this one for a close up:

Check out this video, taken nearby the Hilton Beach Club...these workers, either Indian or Pakistani are playing cricket in the dirt fields--with their fans watching close by, the goats:

I hope you enjoyed this post about goats and camels. I have something special for you before you depart...how about a glass of kamel milch (taken at the Hilton)?


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