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Friday, 19 January 2007

UAE Update 10: Manar Mall in Ras al-Khaimah

You've read about how Ras al-Khaimah is an up and coming emirate in UAE. The definitive mall in for your one stop shopping needs is Manar mall in RAK. This mall has a....get ready...Carrefour (for new readers, Carrefour recently exited the Korean market and was replaced by Homever)!

There were some nice stores inside, a lot of western retail outlets and the food court had your typical fast food fare as well. Notables included McDonald's, KFC, and Baskin Robbins. Being in the Middle East, there was a variety of places serving Lebanese and Indian cuisine. Let's get onto the pictures shall we?

Here we have Manar Mall...at night...welcome to RAK!

We all know I love food, so let's jump to that. Here is the food court at Manar Mall...

...here we have KFC in the Middle East. Delicious fried chicken is served to happy customers of RAK--one of them being me. I tried the KFC and it was okay, but not spectacular. For some reason every time I visit a foreign country I always want to try the fast food.

McDonald's truly dominates the globe. Here it is...smiles were free, as always:

The moment I saw this I knew I had to try it. Have you ever tried a McArabia before? Arabic flatbread is wrapped around chicken with lettuce and tomato. Wow, what an experience!

One night we had Lebanese for dinner. This place had the biggest rotating chicken-meat-on-a-skewer-thingy I have ever seen in my entire life. Here's the counter shot:

...and here's a close up of the pieces of chicken being sliced off...the juices were incredible. There was enough chicken there to feed a small army:

Here's my plate of Lebanese...salad, chicken, flatbread, kababs, tabbouleh, and tahini.

We never did get the chance to try it, but here we have the almighty KING OF BALLS!

Are you full now? Let's hit up Carrefour and see what we can find:

Looks like Lay's potato chips dominates the UAE market:

Hey, not only do Asians love Hello Kitty, but so do residents of RAK:

I hope you enjoyed your visit to the premier destination of choice in RAK, Manar Mall. Ta-ta!


Cat said...

The McArabia sandwich is killing me! It almost sounds like something that would be in the Onion. The Lebanese food looks great, though. Just reminded me how much I like Lebanese food.

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