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Sunday, 14 January 2007

Vincent's Pizza...with sweet potato filo rolls

One of the first places we ordered home delivery from was Vincent's Pizza--they speak English! Anyways, Vincent's is not bad and their prices are very reasonable. We've tried pizza from different establishments in Korea. Let's take a trip down memory lane...
Yesterday we decided to be adventurous and order this new pizza they had on their flyer. It's a pizza that contains a ring of sweet potato and cheese filled filo pastry balls around the perimeter. This large pizza came with a baked pasta and arrived in about 30 minutes.

This pizza came with a thin crust (I prefer regular dough) and as you can see, there are little filo pastry rolls around the crust. They tasted sweet due to the sweet potato inside...now this is what you call interesting pizza.


mag.nolia said...

Thanks for coming by my blog :)

That pizza looks so unique and delish!!! That new design will probably catch on. They're not skimpy on the cheese either, are they :)


ZenKimchi said...

From some triangulation based on the pictures you have posted of Mokdong, I guess you may be near enough to the Immigration Office to order from a pizza place near there. I forget the name right now, but they have wood fired pizzas, and they deliver. They have the standard Korean fare, but they also have some nice alternatives.

Gary said...

hart: yes, there was A LOT of cheese!

Zen: thanks for the tip...wood fired pizza sounds really good right about now!! Nice work on tracking down where I live! hehe.

Anonymous said...

Do Korean pizzas taste differently from your American/Canadian pizzas? I think so.

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