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Thursday, 8 February 2007

Korean fried chicken: New York's new trend

Who loves Korean fried chicken? I do! I do! Well, apparently so do the people of New York. The cooking technique and recipes for Korean fried chicken have caught on in the Big Apple. It's the latest craze and so popular that The New York Times recently wrote an article about it.

I am a huge fan of TwoTwo fried chicken (read here and here). I was contacted by Julia Moskin of the NYT and asked to be interviewed. She had stumbled across my posts on TwoTwo fried chicken through a Google search. I was pretty stoked to have been asked for an interview but in the end, Julia did not have enough time to contact me in time for the article closing--bummer! BUT...another Korean fried chicken fan, Joe McPherson, the ultimate Korean food blogger at ZenKimchi was interviewed! You can read the NYT article here. Joe's review of Korean fried chicken is also worth checking out (do those pictures of TwoTwo look familiar?). That's it...I'm hitting up TwoTwo this weekend--it's been too long!


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