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Saturday, 3 February 2007

McDonald's breakfast in Korea

McDonald's in Korea is delicious. Back home, we never ate McDonald's more than once or twice a year. The burgers here actually look like the pictures and the taste is...incredible. Back home, the quality is much worse as hamburgers are poorly made and slapped together with no care whatsoever. We've had more McDonald's in Korea than the past five years combined. It's just crazy!

Now it's gotten very interesting. Something has been introduced that was never here before: breakfast at McDonald's! It's been out for a few weeks and tomorrow morning I plan on sampling this wonderful addition at my local Mickey D's. I will report back soon.

Here is the full breakfast menu. They've been spamming trays with these flyers for a while. A bacon and egg McMuffin, hashbrown, and coffee will go for 3700w ($4USD).

On a side note, most fast food establishments here like to push mega combos for two people. This combo pushes eight items for 9000w. A big mac, spicy chicken sandwich, two Cokes, fries, McNuggets, and two music CDs. Wowsers...what a bonus!

So let's get this straight...breakfast is on me tomorrow! Yippee!


Carl said...

I know you're really enjoying Korea and all, but to say McDonald's is 'incredible' there somehow... A bit of a stretch, ya think? ;)

McDonald's intends to be as similar in every country, and it pretty much is in my experience.. Those breakfasts look the same as the ones in Canada..

If you wanna try some whacky mcdonalds, come to hong kong where they have burgers that use sticky rice for buns, and special pork chop buns for Chinese New Year ;)

Gdog said...

When I say that it's 'incredible,' I mean it tastes delicious. For some reason, it just tastes better here! ;)

The breakfast just got introduced here recently and it's a big thing--there are a lack of breakfast spots in Seoul. I miss eating HK style breakfasts for dollars.

I love the fries in HK from McD's...they still deep fry them in lard, don't they?

Anonymous said...

Lards.. ewww... trans fats. Not healthy.

Anonymous said...

Wow, McDonalds in Korea sounds amazing. Also, those CDs with that combo meal are Super Junior CDs!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhh, now I want to go twice as much, haha.

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