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Friday, 16 March 2007

All Korean children are spies

If you heading over to Korea for a teaching job, you will encounter a variety of pens, pencils and other writing devices in your classroom. Every kid has a zippered pencil case that holds an assortment of pencils and pens. I've encountered huge pencils that are the size of relay baton, pens that have 10 different colors, rainbow colored markers, flexible pens, and even one kid using his finger to write with blood (similar to that Simpsons episode where evil Sideshow Bob was writing his note to Bart in jail).

However, out of all the pens I've seen, my personal favorite is the UV light pen. Just what is a UV light pen you ask? You may have seen them in movies or your local spy shop, but these pens have special ink that can only be seen under UV light. What happens when parents supply their children with these things? You have kids writing secret notes and messages in class, most likely about their teacher. It's like having a classroom full of mini spies. How do you combat this? You fight fire with fire and buy your OWN UV light pen!

I was looking around for these pens for the longest time and finally found them in a smaller stationary shop. For 1000w ($1USD) you can have as much fun as your kids. At times, I will randomly shine my light on their workbooks in search of hidden messages written in Hangul that I can't read anyways. Have a kid driving you nuts? Draw on their book with this pen! That really gets them going--especially when they don't have their own pen to decipher the message. Joke's on you, kid!

Here's my UV light pen. As you can see, it's all pimped out with the words "project milk" and a few phrases about how wonderful cow's milk is. It even looks like a cow. The UV light is usually built into the lid of the pen:

Here is UV light in action...pretty cool, huh?

...and this is your job for today:

I have never seen these pens back home in Canada. Have you? If you have, let me know!


Anonymous said...

Yes I can. :) good posting!

Leo said...

Lol! I haven't visited my local spyshop in a while. I think our spypens encourage children to eat cheese though ;)

Anonymous said...

Your writing is very neat and well formed. I haven't wrote anything with pen and papers in decades - thanks to the invention of notebooks and computers. As a result, my writing looks like a 10 year old's.

Anonymous said...

neat-o! a built-in UV light is genious -- and only a dollar too! Sneaky...
and hah it's called milk

Anonymous said...

Jason says he's seen them in canada! he's lying though. Hey Gary you can make a list of 50 cars and steal them like in Gone in 60 seconds! Jason also says to bring him one of those pens. I think he can't find them in Canada after all.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Gdog,

The school supply business in South Korea gets an A for inventiveness, but a D for quality. Have you noticed the construction of their pencils? Very, very, poor, but they are available in every shape, size, and color imaginable.

Hey, why'd you spend 1,000 won when you already come with your own portable spy equipment? In prison, prisoners write in their own urine and it dries invisibly. To read the message, they use a lighter or small fire to see what was written because the smoke makes it visible.

Gary said...

Hey everyone, glad you feel like a spy after reading my post!

Jason & Jeremy: hmmm, the Gone in 60 Seconds idea is pretty cool. I think I'll do that with Korea cars, except I'll end up with 60 Hyundais and Kias.

john: ...umm, thanks for the tips regarding the prison/pee trick. I totally forgot about that one. ;)

Anonymous said...

we have the pen in singapore too!
plus the instant noodle that can be eaten from the pack(mamee) ITS YUMAYYE!<3 continue blogging! I READ THE DAILY KIMCHI EVERYDAY!


Anonymous said...

Yeah I read Daily Kimchi too! We don't have this pen in Istanbul, but I want one!!!

Anonymous said...

I adore your blogs! they are SOOO interesting! whoop whoop! wow thats hi-tech! haha love the whole 'spy kids' thing. Love your sense of humor-like before when you said 'this kid mustve bn up studyin english' lol to an infant sleeping in a trolley. hahahah.

Anonymous said...

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